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  • Tuition & Fees = $37,455.00
  • Books and Lab Kits = $3,500.00
  • Other cost = $250.00


The following formula is used to calculate a program’s placement rate:

(F + R) / (G-U) = P %

  • F = Graduates placed in their field of training
  • R = Graduates placed in a related-field of training
  • G = Total graduates
  • U = Graduates unavailable for placement
  • P = Placement percentage

F, # of graduates placed in their field of training – Refers to graduates gaining employment in the field for which the student was specifically trained. For any graduate listed as self -employed, the institution may be requested to submit additional documentation to support that job title.

R, # of graduates placed in a related field of training – Refers to a position wherein the graduate’s job functions are directly related to the skills and knowledge acquired through successful completion of the training program. For example: A Medical Assisting program graduate who obtains a job as a Medical Coder. Rationale and additional documentation, such as a job description showing program skills as duties or employer verification that the graduate was hired due to the program’s training, may be requestedto support a related field placement categorization.

G, Total # of graduates -Refers to any student who has met all completion requirements and has received their diploma, certificate, or degree during the enrollment period July 1, 20XX to June 30, 20XX.

U, # of graduates unavailable for placement -Refers to graduates who are unavailable for placement due one of the following reasons, continuing education, health-related issues (including death), military obligations, and/or incarceration. For any graduate listed as unavailable, additional documentation may be requested to justify this placement categorization.

P, Placement Percentage – Refers to the program’s placement rate.



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