Questions & Answers

Q. Is AMA licensed and accredited?

A. AMA is license and accredited by the following entities:

  1. Licensed by the Florida Department of Education
  2. Commission for Independent Education
  3. Florida Department of Health
  4. Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Educational Program
  5. Florida Board of Nursing
  6. Nationally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.
  7. Training Center for the American Heart Association
  8. Training Center for the National Association of Emergency Technicians

Q. How do I benefit by attending AMA?

A. There are many benefits:

  1. Smaller size classes to tailor your needs
  2. No need to be First Responder certified
  3. Day and Evening classes available

Q. Do I need to take a pre-entrance exam?

A. No pre-entrance exam required

Q. Do I need to take general education courses prior to starting my EMT?

A. No.

Q. How long does it take to complete my EMT?

A. You will become an EMT graduate in as little as 3 months

Q. Do I get a State license after course completion?

A. After successfully completing the EMT program, you will receive a diploma and will be eligible to sit for your National and State Exam.

Q. Where can an EMT work after licensure?

A. There are many employment opportunities, such as:

  1. Fire and Rescue Department
  2. Ambulance Services
  3. Hospital – various departments, such as:
    • Emergency Room Technician
    • Transporting patients
    • Phlebotomist
  4. Urgent Care facilities
  5. Doctors office
  6. Blood Banks
  7. 911 Dispatchers

Q. How do I register for the class?

A. You can register online by selecting the class that best suits your needs, but the admission process will have to be completed at American Medical Academy.



American Medical Academy
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Phone: (305) 271-6555
Email: info@ama.edu