Welcome to American Medical Academy’s EMT-Basic Program. The EMT-Basic program offered at AMA is committed to preparing high quality individuals to be effective and compassionate EMTs. Students will obtain the knowledge base and training to recognize signs and symptoms of illness and injury through providing emergency medical care. Students upon completion of the EMT program will be prepared to make quick decisions based on classroom, laboratory, clinical and field experience.

The EMT program offers a Basic level of skills set and knowledge to render Basic life support techniques in a prehospital setting. Upon successful completion of this program, all students will be eligible to take examinations for certification as:

  • Florida State EMT- Basic
  • Nationally Registered EMT- Basic

At AMA we prepare students to be the initial responder to the scene of an accident or illness. Students will be prepared to initiate basic airway and respiratory intervention; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; bleeding control; wound care; stabilization of spinal injuries; splinting of fractures; initial scene assessment, triage and safety; assist with normal childbirth; use the statewide EMS communication system; initiate basic care for medical and traumatic emergencies.

Further training taught at AMA in emergency medical services is necessary to meet all of the requirements before a student will be issued an EMT-Basic Diploma. Upon successful completion of course, students will be eligible to take the Florida State Licensing and National Registry Examination for Licensure at the EMT-Basic Level.

Continued training includes bandaging, soft tissue injuries, circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency childbirth, lifting and moving patients, muscle and skeletal systems, emergency care of upper and lower extremities, handling of hazardous materials, patient assessment, use of P.A.S.G., extrication tools, and disentanglement procedures.

Jorge Anzardo, B.S., PMD.
Program Director

Possible occupations for a graduate student are:
29-2041 EMT



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